The Legend in the Picture


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Some players you just adore for their professionalism, others for their grit and commitment. Still, there are those you try to dislike simply because they are too good to be playing against your favourite team. You pray for all the ill-luck to slow their progress yet, like a bad diarrhoea, they continue to plague your pants with shit after shit of unstoppable distress.

The documents say he made his debut at the age of 16 against Brescia, but 22 years on, his desire for the game remains whole and aflame. Already among the greatest one-club footballers of our time, the Big Baby has once more etched his name in the folklore of Roman Football. He is now the man of the Capital Derby with 11 strikes, after capping a memorable comeback against their sea-blue cousins with a selfie-capturing display under the Curva.

Aptly named the Emperor of Rome, this embodiment of…

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