CalcioCraze; Fools in Love


forza italian football
There are matters of the heart that words fail to describe. The strings that send the cardiac organ into playing tunes and notes no instrument can pirate are found in very few things that have no bound; like the lady whose blink leaves you breathless, or the care and patience of a mother. But above all, and beyond magic and hobbits, there is the beautiful world of Calcio. Whether it be the tactical discipline enshrined in the syntax of Catenacchio, or the contempt with which some Italians view English football, there is always a scene or two in this wonderfully wrought masterpiece of sport entertainment that no other culture could match. Calcio, after all, is the single yarn that weaves into the very fabric that is the Italian culture. It is difficult to admire one without acknowledging the other. And like the exploits of the Roman nation, the Shakespeare-esque loveā€¦

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