Virtus Entella – Latina preview

Archived the courageous performance of last Saturday at “D.Francioni” stadium against Bari, it is time to look forward and think of the away match in Chiavari, against Virtus Entella.

Latina is travelling towards Chiavari with few certainties; the great defensive solidity of Brosco and the state of grace of Raffaele Di Gennaro, young yet but with excellent skills between the posts.
In the other hand, coach Iuliano has to face, once again in this season since he got in charge of the main team, the tiredness of his squad and the lack of 4 key players because injured or disqualified.
Alhassan and Oduamadi will skip the away match due disqualification, Dellafiore ended his season earlier due issues with his shoulder, while captain Viviani seems to be ready but his return won’t be forced.

Virtus Entella is coming from a delicate period and is looking desperately for a victory, in order to maintain alive the hope to avoid relegation.
They dramatically lost the last match against Livorno at the last minute, finding the 8th match in a raw without victory.
Coach Aglietti called for fan’s support, remarking that their presence will be essential to drag positively his team towards a good performance.

Latina gained 6 out of 6 points from the last 2 matches, lifting itself from a wobbly and dangerous position. Right now, they need 1 more point to be safe but knowing Iuliano’s mentality, the squad won’t give up nor will play the last 2 matches softly.

I see, personally, Entella’s match much more important than Bari, for few reason: Entella doesn’t have other choice but winning and Latina has to prove that last performances weren’t randomly successful.

I will expect Nerazzurri playing short-ball football, with plenty of entries and cuts from the inside midfielder, towards the opposite area.
Di Gennaro as goalie, Ristovski and Bruscagin as back wings, Brosco and Figliomeni as central defenders. Compact midfield formed by Valiani, Ammari e Crimi.
Bidaoui as left attacker wing, Litteri confirmed as “falso nueve” and Angelo ready to transform the 433 into 442 with high wings by shifting on the right side of midfield.

Let’s go to Chiavari to gain one more Serie B season.


Federico Fernandes


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