Virtus Entella 2-0 Latina (Analysis after match)

Too bad to be true, but this is the reality.
Once again, the match’s approach has not been adequate at all and during the 90 minutes the attitude did not change.
Probably after the glorious Bari’s game, focus and determination dropped drastically and we all seen the results.

Latina went to Chiavari thinking to gain only one point, and personally, I reckon this was a huge mistake.
Entella, having only one favourable outcome, showed more eager for the victory finding a well deserved 2-0.

Defence department fail to replicate the strong performance of last week, exception for Di Gennaro, once again the “Man of the match” by saving at least two clear chances.
Crimi and co. let the team down playing below the expectancies. Midfield cut off from every form of action and very precarious.
The only true opportunity to score, happened to Bidaoui whom vanished the superb assist from Jaadi by hitting the crossbar, for the rest less than nothing.

Coach Iuliano tried to mix up the cards from his deck during the second half with no beneficial results.
Moreover, Ammari decided to complicate his team mates’ life by tackling Volpe wildly, obtaining an early shower.
Overall, a very poor appearance from Nerazzurri’s side.


Now, leaving this defeat behind, there’s one more game left. At home, against Modena, which is involved in relegation’s battle and therefore keen to fight tooth and nail.
The situation regarding relegation isn’t easy at all.
One point will be the easiest way to escape the nightmare of play out, but winning should be obligatory for so many reasons, for supporters above all.

I rely in Iuliano’s professionalism and charisma to bring the squad on the right track, passing the strength they need in order to achieve what everyone is waiting for : victory.

Latina is in charge of its own destiny.



Federico Fernandes


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