Latina 1-1 Modena [After match]

Latina finally achieved the yearn and deserved target, against Modena it’s 1 – 1 and the next year will play again in Serie B. A useful but plain and unattractive draw, consent Latina to reach 50 points, enough to get itself away from play-out battle. 11009211_916916548329836_265644226054390885_n

It was clear since the beginning, that Latina wanted to play defensively, waiting the away team within its midfield and hitting by counterattacks. Certainly this tactic did not work because Latina suffered a lot, especially the first 20 minutes, when Modena tried with no luck 2 far shots and eventually scored with Granoche, after a confuse and lucky action inside the box.


After the nth save from Di Gennaro on Garritano, the ball knocked into Alhassan which unluckily put out of cause Brosco serving a perfect assist for Granoche, whom easily get in.

Latina’s reaction arrives 10 minutes later, when the referee assign a penalty for a doubtful handball. Viviani takes the responsibility, scoring and showing once again his leadership and truthful attachment to this colours celebrating under the Curva Nord. 11329844_916916158329875_11085433197967160_n

Nothing more happened till the end of first 45 minutes. Second half starts with the same XI’s and the same unexciting rhythm of game. Long balls and midfield’s battles were the only actions worthy of note. Substitutions were meaningless regarding the final result. Crimi gives the last gasp but Pinsoglio outdoes himself by saving in corner.

Relaxed, festive atmosphere and happy faces all around the stadium after the triple whistle, managers and fans included, which can finally feel relieved from this troubled season. Four-Five months ago this epilogue seemed a pure unattainable hope. Recalling Latina’s position at the end of December 2014, – when Nerazzurri were last – I can safely call Iuliano’s achievement, a sportive miracle.

11203150_908240962530728_3451479679793737342_nModena sank into play-out zone, disappointing its supporters, upset by the outcome of this season and also, for the unknown and unsafe club’s situation.

Now the squad can enjoy and relax a little bit, after this terrible season, but they must start immediately with new determination, building a corporate and football bases which can offer a serious project delivering a more peaceful future.

Federico Fernandes


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