Juventus 1-3 Barcelona [Champions League Final]


Match eagerly awaited, which has shown what everyone were waiting for : great football.

Expectations were high and the result seemed a foregone conclusion in favour of Barcelona. Impressive and colourful choreographies has accompanied the entry of players into the field.

To underline the presence of two magnificent lords of football soon to retire – Xavi and Pirlo – to fight for the Champions League final for the last time against each other.hqdefault

Both teams had chance to win the treble this season but Barcelona came out as winner, breaking a new record, being the only European team to win the National cup, La Liga and CL twice. In the other hand, Bianconeri has broken also a new – negative – record, being the only European club to lose the CL final for the 6th time.

Rakitic with an early goal, Suarez and Neymar with a terrific counter attack, signed the end of Juventus European’s journey in a cruel and implacable way. Morata level up the match at the beginning of second half giving hope and new lifeblood to his team-mates.Barcelona-Juventus-Rakitic-goal

Juventus played very well overall, showing great character and attributes to fight Barcelona’s stellar squad.

Allegri presented a defence of 4 due Chiellini’s forfeit, lining up Bonucci and Barzagli in front of Buffon, with Evra and Lichsteiner as back wings. Pirlo playing behind Marchisio, Pogba and Vidal. Tevez supported “El Canterano” Morata.

Blaugrana with full organic. Luis Enrique respond to his opponent with his 4-3-3. Ter-Stegen as goalkeeper, Pique and Javier Mascherano as central defenders, and Dani Alves and Jordi Alba as his right and left backs. Rakitic, Busquets and Iniesta to complete his midfield. Stellar attacker Messi, Neymar and Suarez to accomplish the dream.

Bianconeri seemed to understand the most efficient tactic to confuse Blaugrana by pressuring defenders. It appeared to be successful before Rakitic scored an early close range – after a magnificent combination from Jordi Alba-Iniesta – resizing the Old Lady’s plans.

Buffon demonstrated to be the top-goalie in Europe one more time, by spectacularly saving an header from Dani Alves sticking a hand out while he dove oppositely.

Vidal got a deserved yellow card after 4 aggressive tackles in a space of 15 minutes, risking to let his team down.

Despite the disadvantage, Juventus tried to take control of the game, but the final step of their counterattacks was really poor.

Barcelona seemed to save energy and let the Old Lady play safely till the midfield without pressure. Thanks to the overwhelming technique and sudden accelerations they startled the defence in few occasions, included the last one before the break with Suarez shaving the post with a low-angled strike.

Second half started better for Barca, with another counter-attack wasted from Suarez, whom ha seen his shot, diverted away for a corner.

When everyone where waiting for Barcelona to double up their lead, “El Canterano” Alvaro Morata levelled up the scoreline.

A clever back-heel from Marchisio to free Lichsteiner, whom quickly delivered a cross for Tevez which had seen his shot saved by Ter-Stegen right where Morata was ready to transform the rebounce in goal.bcf32bd589054829841455e3700ad625-2587700054fc4da4a6ebebd1373b9b2a-2

With teams in perfect equality, Juventus began to push, showing a vigorous effort in order to achieve the second goal. Pogba and Tevez gave headaches to L.Enrique’s men, especially when the Argentinian found himself free to strike from the edge of the box, but his shot was a way over the bar.

To mention a disallowed goal for Blaugrana – Neymar’s handball – and a dangerous long-range shot, done from Marchisio and saved away for a corner.

When Evra left the field due an injury, Allegri decided to play all-for-all, substituting the French wing with the attacker wing Coman, leaving only three men at the back, exposing the Bianconeri too much. Punctually, at the end of regular playing time, Neymar gifts himself with the joy of the goal, ending the game at 3 to 1.

It has been a football match between a team – Juventus – and a stellar team. It was also clear enough that Biaconeri are missing key players to reach European levels and compete with those monsters.Iniesta-Marchisio-barca-Juve-610x371

Juventus must be proud despite of CL final defeat. A small criticism for Allegri, for not having made the appropriate changes when the second half began – Pirlo and Pogba were a disappointment – The French talent seemed a bit out of condition and “The  Maestro” is facing the hard reality of not being able to play at that speed anymore. Sturaro and Pereyra would have done a job a little more dirty but perhaps more effective to stop the Spanish accelerations. Excellent performance for Marchisio, who ran incessantly box-to-box showing great skills, personally Man of the Match alongside Iniesta.